​Oleander Caterpillar

Oleander Caterpillar 


Thrip Damage


Spiraling Whitefly Activity

on Coconut Palm

​Mealy Bug

Palm Care Service

​As with shrub care palms are very tricky and finicky. There is a host of fungal pathogens that will take a palm down quickly. Unfortunately there is no cure or prevention of the worst. However identification of the disease early on allows for containment and also monetary savings. Palms are an expensive investment and many go unmaintained after they are planted. Palms need quarterly fertilizations. Palms can be become deficient quite easily and it takes quite a long time for recovery. Maintaining a palm’s health and vigor will help it fend off fungal pathogens and makes it less likely to a Palm Weevil attack. A Quarterly palm fertilization and insecticide program can greatly extend the life and health of all the palms on your property.In the recent years Rugose Spiraling Whitefly has become an issue. There are a couple treatment methods and Creative Pest Management is certified with the State on this insect. The palms become quite unsightly and the sooty mold created as a result of the insect infestation can cause property damage.    



Shrub Care Service    

There are many types of ornamental applications throughout the state of Florida. Different climate zones and a variety of soil types. Growing thick, lush green foliage in Florida can be quite the feat. Mother Nature doesn’t always cooperate with us which really makes the job of a healthy green landscape quite a difficult accomplishment.  But if you happen to rise above this the real challenge begins, BUGS… Piercing-Sucking, Chewing, and Rasping. The flowers start to pop, the Thrips come and visit and now your blooms drop. Spring, the new young and tender growth appears, here comes the aphids. Get past that, then the Scales attack, get past that and Oh No, Caterpillars….Ugh…..Needless to say there is a wide array of foliage feeding insects just waiting to make your landscape their next meal.

Besides the constant barrage of hungry little critters we have the soil itself that can make or break any landscape planting. Fertilizer is a necessity, but do you know what fertilizer to use? Can you identify a particular nutrient deficiency? Is a plant acid loving? Do I need more than one type of fertilizer? How much do I apply? The bag has directions, but does it?  Do you understand cubic feet of a hedge? What exactly does it mean to spread fertilizer evenly throughout the root zone extending 3 feet past the drip line, where applicable? N-P-K???? Huh…Minor elements!!!! What’s a Minor element??? The point We are making is simple. What appears to be simple is not always so simple.  Fertilizer today is a complicated product, the fertilizer restrictions themselves are but just one aspect.  The recognition of whether a planting is nutrient deficient, lacking irrigation, irrigated too much, or just a case of wrong plant wrong location, is powerful knowledge Creative possesses. 

There are many fungal pathogens that cause leaf spot, trunk and stem disease, along with many types of root disorders.

We run a comprehensive program to get the most out of your landscape planting
•    Property Inspection
•    Bimonthly Insecticide applications
•    Spring and Fall Granular Fertilization
•    Supplemental Feedings in Summer as needed
•    Fungicide Applications
•    No Add-On Services or Extra Charges

​After a thorough property inspection and insect thresholds have been established, an insecticide application with both a knock-down and systemic insecticide will be applied. This 2-fold application allows for rapid insect control and a systemic insecticide to be absorbed by plant to fight against future attacks. During Spring and Fall we apply granular fertilizer as directed by the University of Florida. However if anytime during the year we find correctable deficiencies a supplemental application will be applied. If during property inspection a treatable fungus is found the appropriate product will be added to the treatment. No truck is ever pre-mixed, applications are mixed per property, as each property's needs will tend to differ.

Creative is here to help you creative the best landscape on the block.  Not only have we been in the Pest business for 20+ years but We have a Sister company, Creative Landscaping that has been operating for over 20+ years. We know PLANTS. There is a wealth of knowledge available to our customers. We have Certified Arborists and Landscape Designers on staff and they are the best around. 

Creative Pest Management