Pest Control

Pest Control is the unsung hero of the industry. No pretty green color, No blooming flowers, No praise from the neighbors or family. But in fact, it is probably the most difficult field to gain control over and for your efforts you will not get compliments. But the sight of a home invader will get you a phone call. And that is when the real Pest Control begins. 

At the start of our service we like to meet with our customer and discuss their particular needs. There are so many different insects that can invade a home it is imperative to make that determination in order to perform the correct initial service The treatment for Ghost Ants
​ is no way the same as the treatment for roaches. Actually just the different varieties of these
insects warrant several different procedures. Interior Pest Control can be a tricky business and you need an experienced technician working for you.

At Creative Pest Management we have a standard procedure in place as a foot print of our service.

​           *  P
roperty Inspection
           * Spider web and Paper Wasp Sweep Down
           * Bimonthly perimeter sprays to eaves, entry points and base of home.
           * Application of granular insecticide to the exterior perimeter home.

But that really is just the tip of the service. The regular service helps gain control of general insect activity but this is Florida, bug capitol of the US. The real test for any company comes when something invades the home. And it is going to happen, sooner rather than later. We have a very extreme climate, high temperatures and precipitation levels that vary greatly. We can be getting drowned one month and in a drought the next. All these factors really affect the habits and harborage of home invading insects. And understanding these factors are a very important part of the service.

No one wants to see these guys in there home, the Florida Carpenter Ant but I bet you have. Knowing where he hides, the best time to look for him and the variety of methods available to gain control is what makes a good Pest Control company. At Creative Pest Management we will put our 20+ years in the business to work for you. And not what learned 15 years ago but what we learned 2 months ago as new products and technologies hit the market. You see, no one knows it all and learning is never done. We strive to stay ahead of the curve and our competitors. Cost of a product or the knowledge to use such product never enters the equation when it comes to our customers. We our hired to perform a service and we will provide the best service and product available that day. So, if you have seen this in the past  and don’t want to see it in the future or at least feel safe if you do, you have the Company for the job. Give us a call.

Ghost Ant

Australian Roach

Lawn Care Service

•    An Inspection is done to property prior to any treatment
•    After inspection, the technician will decide if additional service will be required beyond what is scheduled for the current application
•    Our standard service consists of six bimonthly billable applications
•    We use both granular and liquid fertilizers. All fertilizer is complaint with both state and city regulations
•    We are environmentally friendly and use products based on time of year, environmental conditions, with a target pest in mind
•    Any additional services or treatments are included with the standard scheduled services, No hidden fees

At Creative Pest Management if our standard package cannot accommodate the special needs of our customer, then

we will Create, a package just for them!

•    We treat for lawn damaging insects, like the Chinch bug….amongst a host of others
•    The control of Broadleaf weeds  , such as Dollar weed, with a large assortment of others, along with Sedge control
•    Fungicide treatments as needed for the suppression of both summertime and fall pathogens.

As with all our services, we pride ourselves with the most customer friendly agreements and service. All our technicians are trained with not just the most cutting edge technology but “good ole fashioned” manners and respect for our customers, property and the environment!! This is an ALL INCLUSIVE SERVICE: NO HIDDEN FEES, NO ADDITIONAL COSTS. A top notch service, a well-trained respectful technician, from a locally owned and operated company.

Carpenter Ant Frass 

Fl. Carpenter Ant

OOoohhh NOOooo!Chinch Bugs.......

​Mr. Fire Ant

Dollar Weed or Pennywort

Southern Chinch Bug

Brown Patch

Ornamental treatments can be a

large part of Pest Control. Many ants that invade the home will harbor in these areas where active ornamental damaging insects are feeding on plantings.

White Footed Ant

Creative Pest Management

Property Inspection