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Termites are responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars in damage to our homes each year. We can create an "Invisible Barrier" around your home.

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Our advanced service includes custom-blended, environmentally friendly fertilizers, created specifically for your lawn to meet the specific needs of the season.

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Professional well-trained technicians using the most advanced equipment in the industry. To assure the comfort and safety of our customers

Many insects are not plant damaging, but instead are beneficial because they eat the plant damaging insects. Our technicians are trained to know the difference. Our application procedures and product have minimal impact on beneficial insects and creatures, such as lizards and frogs.


Creative Pest Management is dedicated to providing our customers with the most advanced, most effective treatments for the care of lawns, shrubs, pests and termites. We take pride in providing a quality service and an excellent place of employment.

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We provide a year round service that consists of treatments and inspections to protect from insects and diseases to provide the best health, growth and color.

We Have a Solution for all Your Pest Control, Lawn, Shrub, Palm Care and Termite Needs

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